Deep Learning Nanodegree - SageMaker Deployment and more

This repo is a copy of Udacity’s Deep Learning Nanodegree - SageMaker Deployment repo. Its original is here. As part of my exploration of this repo, I make this copy to document my experience and notebook execution in SageMaker. Here is the list of tutorial, mini project and the final project this repo contains. It is the same list on the original but with the links pointing to the current repo.




Sentiment Analysis Web App is a notebook and collection of Python files to be completed. The result is a deployed RNN performing sentiment analysis on movie reviews complete with publicly accessible API and a simple web page which interacts with the deployed endpoint. This project assumes that you have some familiarity with SageMaker. Completing the XGBoost Sentiment Analysis notebook should suffice.

Setup Instructions

Follow the setup instruction in the original but use this repo instead of the original one:

cd SageMaker
git clone