Darien Martinez - father, husband, developer, life-long learner.

I try to explore new horizons and new ways of thinking as much as possible. Usually, simplicity and agility to change are the two qualities I like to foster most of my work as the only true immutable is “change.” My formal education is in Telecommunication engineering, and I have a master’s degree in digital signal/image processing. I learned to do software by doing and reading a lot: the longest journey starts with a single step.

Yesterday, it was .Net, Java, C++, and Python. Tomorrow… I do not have all the answers, but I am looking forward to helping you to find the solution to your problem.

After all these years, I learned to fight complexity. I try to find the tools to solve my problem: I am not bending the tools I know to solve a problem they are not fit to address.

If I looked at my solution six months ago, and I think it is perfect: I have a problem. The only immutable principle is the continuous evolution: business needs and technology change every day.

I am continually reading non-technical books. Sci-fi and fantasy are my favor, but my favor English-writer is Salman Rushdie, and my favor Spanish-writer is Alejo Carpentier; so, I read different genres. Similar to my preference for music and films, I certainly enjoy Rachmaninov, but also enjoy “Enter Sandman” or this.

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